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About Vizdom

About Vizdom

Vizdom Software provides product development services to software vendors looking to develop a new product or add a new capability to an existing product. We integrate leading-edge technologies with customer-centered requirements to produce more useful and sellable products

Vizdom focuses on making the peripheral edge of a product more appealing to an individual prospect, a new market segment, or existing customers. We address the issues that lie in the gap between the core out-of-the-box product and the final result the customer requires to derive the expected benefit. In many cases, these are the issues that directly influence a customer's decision whether to purchase, or keep, a product.

The ultimate aim of any Vizdom project is to assist software vendors in meeting at least one of three fundamental business challenges:

  • Meeting speed-to-market demands when key internal resources are already over-booked
  • Balancing strategic product development priorities with the urgency to win this month's big deal
  • Increasing product interoperability without sacrificing product differentiation

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