Vizdom Software, founded in 1996, provides product development services to software vendors looking to develop a new product or to add a new capability or module to an existing product. We work with our vendor partners to develop and extend products centered around leading document repositories. We use leading-edge technologies to implement customer-centered requirements and produce more useful and sellable products.

Our end-customers are large organizations with multiple, large document collections. Vizdom products bring these multiple document repositories into a single application, point of access, or API for our customers.

Our business model is based on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our vendor partners across multiple product releases throughout the commercial availability of a product. Vizdom typically provides product development services and second level support. Our vendor partners provide sales, marketing, and first level support.

We work in small agile development teams with a strong focus on building high quality software that fully meets the requirements of our end customers and holds up well over time. We aim to create competitive advantage for ourselves and our partners by leveraging software quality to keep maintenance and support costs low, and ensuring that every customer is successful with deployment and beyond.